The Prodigy® Autocode is audible; an essential feature for people with low vision or those who just want to hear their test result. The “talking” feature will let the user know the room temperature and then direct the user to apply a drop of blood onto the test strip. Once the absorbent channel on the test strip is full, the user will hear their test results in only 6 seconds, with time and date in either English or Spanish. *The Prodigy® Autocode is also available as a non-talking meter, providing the same safe no-coding feature, without the audible (talking) function.Diabetic Blood Glucose Monitor for the Blind

Memory and Data Management. The Prodigy® Autocode can store up to 450 tests results with date and time and gives 7, 14, 21, 28, 60, and 90 day averages. Prodigy®’s FREE software allows simple downloading of test results to your computer helping you and your Diabetes healthcare professional track changes in your blood glucose level over time. Read the rest of this entry