No matter what time of the year your baby is born, the first Christmas with them is such a joy. They may not be old enough to understand anything about the holiday, but holding them in your arms on Christmas morning is the best present you'll ever receive. This very feeling is the reason behind the companies who created and continue to make a Baby's First Christmas ornament.

Almost any place that you will find assorted Christmas decorations will sell a Baby's First Christmas ornament. They have pink ones for girls, blue for boys, animals, religious - anything you could want. My daughter was six months old when she celebrated her first Christmas with our family and I cannot tell you how many people got us a Baby's First Christmas ornament as a keepsake.

Each one that I received was different and I loved them all. My absolute favorite one was a little star that allowed for you to put a tiny photo inside of it. The year was on it and her name had been engraved.

Tears came to my eyes when I saw that particular Baby's First Christmas ornament sitting in a gift bag. Having a special Baby's First Christmas ornament is something that you will most likely want to either always keep or pass it down to your child someday.

All of the holiday ornaments that I received for my daughter five years ago still are hung on our tree each and every year. She loves to pick out where she wants them to be hung and if she can reach, hangs them up by herself. Looking at a Baby's First Christmas ornament and remembering those tiny, chubby hands that she had for her first holiday season brings tears to my eyes.

When I watch her helping to decorate the tree, I get such a feeling of pride and happiness. Her eyes light up at the mere mention of Christmas and she still waits in line anxiously waiting to tell Santa what she desperately wants for Christmas. The holidays have a sense of magic to them now that I'm a parent.

I went to a baby shower once that had Baby's First Christmas as the theme. The mom-to-be's due date was on Christmas day, so she had quite a few people get her a Baby's First Christmas ornament. No matter what time of the year a baby shower is held, a Baby's First Christmas ornament is always a great idea. It is something that is full of meaning and will always bring back happy memories.