I love employing circuit workout routines with my clientele. They are simple, need little gear or skill and most importantly they create great fitness and fat loss results. In this post I am going to describe my favourite six circuit workouts which I use with my clientele on a regular basis.

Arguably the toughest circuit exercise is the much feared burpee. When completed a number of times continuously this exercise causes a huge build up of lactic acid and is quite demanding on your energy systems. You start the exercise in a push up position and leap both legs forward so your feet are beneath your hips. From this position you perform a star jump by jumping up into the air and spreading your arms and legs out in a star shape. Upon landing you place your hands back in a push up position and shoot both of your feet backwards till you return to the start off position.

The subsequent exercise I like to use is a kettle bell hip thruster which as the name suggests requires a kettle bell. I use kettle bells weighing between 8 and 24 kilos for this exercise depending on the clients strength. You start off by letting the kettle bell hang at arms length prior to bending at the hips and letting the kettle bell swing back through your hips. At this point your thrust your hips forward whilst at the same time pulling the kettle bell up to face height with straight arms. Thirty seconds of this specific exercise genuinely gets you cooking!

The following exercise is the good old press up. Now, I like to jazz it up a little for my clients to make things interesting. I usually use the spiderman push up which has the hands and feet much wider than your regular push up (you should end up looking like spiderman on the side of a building). From this position you merely lower your chest towards the floor ahead of returning to the start off position. This odd position brings about much more abdominal contraction than the ordinary type of push up and this is one of the extra benefits of the exercise.

Tuck jumps are a great circuit exercise and are very demanding, even for the most conditioned of clients. You merely stand with your feet shoulder width apart and starting with a slight bend of the knees you spring into the air bringing your feet beneath your bottom. Ideally you leap high enough that your thighs attain a horizontal position. Often doing less than 10 of these with out a pause can be very tiring. Just be careful if you have bad knees as this exercise is extremely high impact.

The next exercise I use frequently in my circuit sessions is boxing. I just merely get the clients to hit the sparring mitts as many times as they can in the allocated time. This exercise is extremely aerobic and genuinely works the arms and shoulders. I devote a few minutes showing them good technique which entails keeping the wrist straight and throwing the punches from their shoulders but apart from that they just hit those pads!

The final exercise in my small overview of circuit workout routines is the medicine ball squat push press. You hold a weighted medicine ball (anything from 3-15 kilos) on your chest. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart you squat down till your thighs are parallel to the floor. As you rise up out of the squat position you thrust the ball straight upwards over your head ahead of returning it to your chest. The client does this as many times as they can in the allotted time. This really is what we call a super hard exercise in that it works so many muscle groups at once. It conditions the legs and arms through the movement phase and also the core muscle groups in stabilising the ball overhead.

I hope you have enjoyed my very quick overview of the six exercises I typically use when I put my clients through a circuit training session at the gym. Feel free to give these a try and enhance the benefits of your personal work out. Please leave any feedback you have beneath this post.

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