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There are many theories about parenting, and you can find hundreds of books that give you different options. The truth is that all parents have to find their own approach based on what they believe in and what their children respond best to. Yet we can come up with a few principles, such as we'll be covering in this article, that most parents can benefit from.

If you choose to be a permissive parent, or a strict parent, it is always good to stick with one strategy and always involve yourself with your kids in the things that they do so that they know that you care.

Kids simply cannot achieve the same levels of success in life if their parents are not involved with them on an everyday basis. Our modern technological society, and the necessity of both parents needing a job, makes it very hard for children as their parents find less and less time to spend with them. Remember that, even if you're not sure what the best course of action to take with your kids may be, just being there and showing them you care is the most important part of being a parent. Kids need to learn early on that there are good and bad consequences for the choices that they make, something that you need to teach them when they are young. Depending on how serious the behavior is, you may respond by taking away a privilege or scheduling a "time out" for the child. It is very important to stay consistent when applying rules or else your kids will ignore them every chance they get. Always enforce your rules, no matter how good or bad you are feeling, because consistency is the key. If you want your children to be responsible, and to have some structure to their lives and their choices, you need to be consistent.

No parent can be self-sufficient all the time, and we all have to reach out to others sometimes. When it comes to things you have to do for and with your kids, it's best if both parents participate equally. If you have to, join a local support group, which is especially helpful for single parents; ask family and friends for help when necessary. Being a parent doesn't mean you can be expected to be all-knowing, always available or have all the answers. If you don't have a clear idea of who to call when you need help, make it a priority to build a support system for yourself. Needing help or advice doesn't mean you're not competent as a parent, only that you're human. Other parents can be good to consult, especially if they have older kids and may be able to relate to your experience. Parenting styles depend on both the personalities of the parents and the nature of the children. Your child's personality will dictate whether they have great self-control or need to be disciplined regularly. Many parenting skills will work, and only after you tweak them a little bit to fit each individual child and their personality.

These particular parenting techniques can be quite great for you and for your children, nonetheless they will possibly not work if you have problems with your marital life.

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