The zoo is open every day of the year. That means you can show up any time you want. The opening time is at 10 in the morning. Show up then! Afternoons can often times be the best time to go. Many kids go in the morning with school groups. Check with the zoo before you go.<br><br>Save money at the gate by finding and using coupons or discounts. Review <a href="" target='_blank'>MyZooGuide</a>. Want to get in for 50% off? Go on Wednesdays. Its half off. If you have to schedule it on a different day, then your best option to save money is by bringing along your discount coupons. You can either buy food with your saved money, or put it right back in your pocket and save it for something else.<br><br>While your at the zoo check out the rock climbing. The Tasmanian Tower is 25 feet tall. You can try to climb that or race your friends. For kids and the young at heart, the country carousel shouldn&rsquo;t be missed. There are more than just horses that they can ride on. They can touch and ride the animals in parts of the zoo. Other domestic animals like chickens and guinea hogs are found here. Even if you have toddlers there is more to do than just look at the animals. Of course, they can learn more about farm animal babies!<br><br>Don't waste one more weekend. Mark your calendar now for your visit to Fort Worth Zoo. There are many activities that you, your friends and family can enjoy the whole day!

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