My family and I really enjoyed the movie we just watched that dealt with chickens. My children are now asking if we can have some chickens for the backyard. The movie that we watched made rooster raising an interesting thing and because of the fact that we do not have pets as of now, I feel that chickens will be a wonderful family pet.<br><br>I will begin the process looking at rooster hutch blueprints to determine what kind of house I want my rosters to have. I am thinking about getting six rosters so I will need a average sized coop. I have never built a coop before but I think it will be an easy mission with some good chicken hutch plans.<br><br>I am used to developing things with wood and strongly believe this won't be harder than anything else that I have constructed. Some of the hutch blueprints that I have discovered already seem fairly straightforward so I can't wait to get started.<br><br>The hen hutch blueprints that I will likely use for our first coop are from <a href="" target='_blank'></a>. They look like the most straightforward ones I have come upon. My acquaintance who raises rosters is the one who told me to pay a visit to the website for guideline on taking care of rosters.

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