Many clubs, organizations, churches or schools usually raise money by organizing different types of fundraising events. These fundraising events can be helpful when trying to raise money to add to your organization's funds or to help out with a cause. If you don't have much budget to work with to set up the fundraising event, then you should be looking for an event option that doesn't require much money to set up. This is possible if you partner with a company like the Popcorn Palace and set up a fundraising with popcorn event for your group. The specialty company offers a great fundraising option to groups that would like to raise money for a cause. The main goal is to sell the company's popcorn, which are available in twenty seven flavors, to customers. A great benefit of partnering with the company is that there are no up front financial obligation for your group. You also don't have to commit to a certain order amount, since the company doesn't impose a minimum number of order. You can start your fundraising campaign by selling only the amount of products that you're comfortable with. It's easy enough to order additional products if you feel that there will be more demand for the popcorn product. You can expect to earn fifty percent of the profits of your sales efforts at the end of your fundraising event.

Selling popcorn is a great option for fundraising for your group. Many people like popcorn and enjoy eating eat. This is especially relevant once the customers find out about the great flavors offered by the company. The twenty seven flavors of the company are grouped in the simple, sweet, savory or supreme categories. Your customers can choose to eat traditional flavors that they will find familiar or they can try out one of the great gourmet flavors developed by the company. Customers can try out the gourmet flavors, which can range from unexpected to decadent. Customers can be given the option to order a single flavor or mix several flavors in a single order. Make sure to visit the PopcornPalace website to check out the different flavors that you can offer the customers. Customers can order different size packaging options, including the larger tin cans and resealable bags that can contain up to one gallon of popcorn.

Make sure to check out the details of partnering with the company for a fundraising event. Make sure to request and review the contents of the free fundraising information kit offered at the site.

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