For low carb foods to relieve anxiety and make you lighthearted, they ought to be the healthy type. While you're reading this, if visions of cookies and doughnuts pop into your head as foods that make you feel tranquil, that is not where we're going. Also, we're not talking about low carb foods that are imitations of high carb foods and typically lack any real nutrition.

To understand exactly what we're discussing here regarding low carb foods, we'll start with a picture of how the brain and your moods are affected by different foods. Then, you'll have a greater realization of how some specific low carb foods can be useful for your mood.

Let's say that you have to perform in front of a group or give a speech, so you're nervous or anxious. To calm your tenseness, would you select a diet soda, a glass of milk, candy, or a naturally low carb drink?

Drinking a diet soda with artificial sweeteners is really the worst selection. Low carb foods and drinks that involve aspartame and saccharin do anything but quiet the brain and your stress. Staying clear of these chemical ingredients in low carb foods or drinks is always smart, but doubly if you are trying to relieve stress.

If you picked the glass of milk as the best choice for stress relief, you should know that mixing protein with carbs reduces the tranquilizing effect of the carbohydrates.

Believe it or not, candy is the correct answer if you're not thinking about maintaining a diet of low carb foods, or about the effects of sugar on your overall health. While many think of sugar as an energy booster, the latest research shows that all carbohydrates, including sugar and starches, eventually have the opposite effect.

The natural, low carb drink is the best choice. This is partly because liquids are digested more rapidly and assimilated right away. Also, low carb drinks made with ingredients from natural, low carb foods can supply a balancing effect to hormones. When the endocrine system that controls hormones is properly nourished, the body feels relaxed. If your low carb drinks are produced with natural ingredients, including complex carbohydrates from whole foods, then you will get the most benefit.

So, when you want to relieve stress, you can eat high carb foods like potatoes, pasta, breads and other starches, or you can reach for natural low carb foods in concentrated health drink formulas. Not only will your brain and nervous system gain the benefit of speedy anxiety reduction, your body will naturally absorb complex carbohydrates that it can utilize for long lasting energy.

How some high carb foods operate as sedatives, according to experts, could be due to complicated biochemical reactions. One hypothesis is that carbs clear the way for the brain to soak up more tryptophan, an amino acid that gets converted into serotonin. Now, researchers are learning more regarding the capacity of serotonin to act as a calming chemical in the brain and nervous system. That's why low serotonin levels lead to increased stress levels. If you are eating fake low carb foods on a habitual basis and sensing some unrest this could be the cause.

Regrettably, most fake low carb foods are lacking in natural, complex carbohydrates or real nutrition. So, eschew the fake foods that are low carb imitations of high carb foods, and live a happy, healthy life with a diet closer to nature.

Author Cliff Everett Smith is CEO of that specializes in low carb foods, drinks and snacks not sold in other stores. His natural weight loss plan is powerful and his research on these topics offers hope for those who have tried everything else.

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