The Historical Past Behind Cremation And Funeral Events

The history of cremation and funeral events dates back no less than 300,000 years to the Neanderthals who lived in Iraq to Central Europe. Throughout the years the traditions associated with funerals has evolved into the practices of today. Cremation ceremonies are rooted in Greek history and differ between cultures.

Numerous cultures acknowledge cremation as the standard way to bury their loved ones. In Japan 98% of the funerals are cremations. Cremation is also a common procedure in India. In India the cremating of the departed happens in view of loved ones and the fire is lit up by the next of kin, that is usually the son of the departed.

The way in which Greek cremations were performed depended on how the dead was recognized by society throughout their life. The highest honored citizens were put on a raft and then the raft was set on fire by shooting a lit arrow at the raft. If an individual was perceived as a traitor they did not get a funeral but instead were left in the roads for creatures to eat.

Done by Neanderthals, the 1st record of funerals carried out indicated that flowers were put on the dead before they were buried in caves. Roman funerals was comprised of the body of the dead person being paraded around in front of the citizens of Rome. The parade started out at night and lasted approximately a week if the person was a nobleman. The deceased's body was preceded by a bell man who started the parading by ringing a bell and shouting out the name of the individual who died.

Death from terminal diseases were how early American funerals were centred. As a result people began to start saving coins at a young age to be able to pay for their own funerals. This custom is considered to be a forerunner to modern life of today insurance policies.

In the mid 19th and 20th century the burial and Bellflower cremations home based businesses began to become profitable. The custom of embalming also started during this time period. Now in the 2lst century elaborate ornate cremations in Bellflower held in churches or funerals are the most typical form of funeral.

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