Today I will chat about a few different forms of cheating on your partner. Cheating is one of the ultimate forms of betrayal and can be very hurtful.

Acts such as kissing and sexual intercourse are blatant forms of cheating but there are other kinds as well. The Internet allows people to get involved in unfaithful acts and often their partner is completely oblivious to it.

Cyber sex is the most common form of cheating when it comes to the Internet. This is when you talk dirty in a chat room or via live messenger with another person. I will let you and your imagination conclude the kinds of things that are said in these chat rooms.

So is this cheating? There are arguments on both sides; one side you aren't touching anyone but then again you shouldn't be speaking about intimate issues with anyone other than your partner.

My own opinion is that cyber sex is not only pointless but it's definitely cheating, there's no need to do it. Another subject that has mixed opinions is whether or not flirting is cheating. Some say that so long as it's done with the intention of having fun then it's fine but other people say that it's wrong and that there's no need to do it.

I think that flirting is part of some people's personality so it's fine as long as there isn't an ulterior motive to the flirting e.g. wanting to cheat. If someone is flirting because they want to kiss or be intimate with the person they're flirting with then this is cheating.

Another occurrence that a lot of people believe is cheating is when one half of a relationship spends a lot of time with a work colleague of the opposite sex outside of work This is an easy way to drive jealousy into a relationship but it isn't really cheating unless you don't want your partner to speak to anyone other than yourself.

If you've been dumped by your ex because you cheated on them then you can blame yourself. It is possible to get your ex back even if you've cheated on them but it takes a lot of time and convincing that you truly have learned your lesson.

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