Figuring out whether your ex boyfriend still likes you is not easy however, to be wondering means you've been given some signals which you are not sure about and want to be able to interpret correctly.

Ever since your split, settling down in to single life happens to be difficult in your case especially if your ex boyfriend started the breakup. It's easy to get mixed signals while you still move around in the very same circles primarily if you bump straight into one another regularly.

Letting go is really difficult simply because you invested a lot of top quality time with each other and created loads of very good memories irrespective of the split up. Thus how can you know if your ex boyfriend still cares for you? We have posted five tell tale signals he still wants you and if he has been doing any of these, then possibly he's not really over you yet. You'll still must be positive however but these 5 giveaways are usually good places to begin.

Does Your Ex Boyfriend Still Like You?

If he still calls you regularly you will be sure he still has pretty strong feelings for you. If you have broken up then for what reason will he take the time contacting if he was over you. This does not sound right does it so you can be quite certain there exists a powerful connection still existing.

Precisely the same can be applied in the event that he's still posting you text messages. Might he merely be checking to check out what you really are doing or even you may be with another man. Is not that a giveaway he still likes you?

It's common for people to spend lots of time away from each other once they've broken up. It's natural, you are moving on and you can't do that if you are still seeing each other constantly. So remember this, if he wants to see you again just for a catch up just 2-4 weeks after you break up this is a strong sign he misses you and definitely still likes you a lot.

Another tell tale sign he still has strong feelings for you is if he asks you out on a date. Strange isn't it, he breaks up with you and you're trying to move on and now he's asking you for a date. Do you think he still likes you?

Check with your friends and ask them whether he has been talking about you or asking questions about you. If he has, this is a strong answer to your question "does my ex boyfriend still like me". When guys do this it usually means they are checking to see how good their chances are at getting back together. Obviously they are not going to come right out and ask you directly and be embarrassed so they look for some insider information and get your friends opinions.

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