Why do teeth get discolored?

There are many reasons why your teeth can become discolored and lose their baby Tooth White gleam. This can include drinking tea, coffee, red wine or other foods and drinks with robust colorings. Another major cause is smoking, which may make the teeth appear yellowed rather than a sparkling Tooth White smile.

As you get older your teeth can become darker naturally. Tooth rot, fillings and tartar build-up can also contribute to discoloration.

Teeth have nerves and blood vessels inside them. If these nerves and veins are damaged the tooth may become darker ( this can happen due to rot, or if the teeth are knocked ).

Some kinds of marking can be due to sicknesses or drugs. For example, if a type of antibiotic called tetracycline is given to kids whose teeth are still developing ; their adult teeth may form with a yellow or greenish tinge. There are numerous straightforward ways to improve the look of discolored teeth.

* Visit your dentist or hygienist to have your teeth scaled and polished to Tooth White perfection on a regular basis. This involves removing any tartar that has built up. Your dentist or hygienist will also give you recommendation about stopping tooth rot.
* Regular brushing, quitting smoking and cutting down on strongly colored food and drink will help stop stains returning.
* lightening toothpastes are barely abrasive, that may help to remove surface staining. However , they don't alter the natural shade of your teeth.
* Your dentist can also give you recommendation about replacing your metal fillings and crowns with Tooth White milky-colored ones.

There are a variety of different products available to bleach your teeth. Some you should buy and use you, while others require a visit to the dentist.
sorts of teeth bleaching products
OTC kits

OTC ( OTC ) Tooth White kits are sold in most major chemists across the UK. Sometimes they contain rubber mouth trays ( moulds that are roughly the same shape as your teeth ) and tubes of Tooth White bleaching gel.

After squeezing some of the gel into the mouth trays, you place them over your teeth for approximately 30 minutes at a time. The Tooth White bleaching ingredient in the gel is usually hydrogen peroxide. OTC kits only contain weak hydrogen peroxide, and tend not to be as good as stronger products that could be utilised by your dentist.

Using Tooth White bleaching gels in this way may not work for certain types of discoloration,eg that brought about by metal fillings or damaged arteries inside a tooth. Ask your dentist for recommendation before using one of these kits, as there could be a more effective way to reach the Tooth White result you are looking for. You can also get these Tooth White kits from the web and mail order.

though the older kits use trays, lots of the Tooth White kits available these days include the utilization of pens, which you simply use to color-in your tooth amazing! These are extremely simple and results are sometimes achieved in under a week and can last as long as a year. These are becoming actually popular for vital events such as marriages, parties, engagements, dances, proms for example. Everyone loves a grin and a Tooth White smile has a certain sparkling edge.

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