Teenagers have bad rep for jumps from one attitude toward other. Nevertheless they have the reasons: they do not know, what they want, and they did not find yet. Teenagers consider, a successful acquaintances deal with each of them does its work. And are they require. Adults often so aspire to these relations, that they forget what they find. In addition, they decided to endow what they need for what they have, which over exactly will not bring to successful acquaintances. So what are these ten things?

1. It is good to dump someone.

You must not accept with that who takes you from a mind, violates your rights or that simply dislikes you. Gave it a shot and that is all, that needs to be done. If it does not work move on or you will never be experience of successful acquaintances.

2. Just because you are prеgnant does not mean wedding bеlls arе ringing.

Lоts of аdults think that because they аre pregnant, persоn they аre with will want a commitment. For sоme, that is a reasоn to get pregnant. Fоr others that is a reasоn not to get pregnant. See the problem? Teens know that is not the cаse they have their whоle lives ahеad of them and they dо not need to sеttle.

3. Dreams must not be sacrificed.

If someone does not ready to wait and support you, there are chances that you never will use successfully acquaintances of relationship with this person.

4. Know that you want.

Not allow other dictate that you study that you know or that you do. It is your life. You do not want to make an effort lead the acquaintances of successful relationships with someone, who control. Do that before you and to do that you love.

5. Bide your time.

Simply because someone not on the first appointment now or not interested in you does not mean that they will not be later. Get with your life and dates of other people.

6. Manipulations works.

If you are interested in someone, do other date and do large deal of it. If they are jealous, they will know when they are interested. Manipulations work in other relations, and gives results.

7. Kisses are gladness.

Making out with the sexual one is interesting and very cool. In addition, if you are catch, you not going to get a fine.

8. Not for all to “do it”.

You must not have sex, that some relations. They do not go hand in hand.

9. Holding out has advantages.

If you meet someone, but not to have sex with him or with her, they will work anymore, to hold you happy. As soon as you will yield, it is over. There nothing anymore to work. Do not bring sex over to successful acquaintances.

10. You deserve respect.

If you do not require respect you deserve, you not going to get him. You do not need to bear with that, who does not respect you. (See the first number.)

When you search a relation as teenager for a successful acquaintance, you know that all life ahead. If you the grown person, you feel it is not much time for you. It puts many adults in situations, where they endow things which they must not. As a rule, people think, adults can only teach children, but adults can a great deal learn from them also.

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