Did you know the occasional spat in a marriage can actually be healthy? It's true and save marriage experts will tell you that healthy conflict is part of communication in a marriage and without it then unresolved issues can create a tidal wave of problems later on.

Marriage issues in most cases need to be brought out in the open. If you are desperately trying to save your marriage and trying to figure out where to start then getting some communication going is a great place.

Too many marriage splits could have been averted if only couples would have sat down and strengthened their lines of communication. Giving each other the silent treatment is not the way to do it. Thinking you are punishing your partner for something they did by going silent on them will eventually backfire on you.

Save Marriage Tips

In this report, we have listed six solid tips for using communication in relationships straight from the pages of the Magic Of Making Up system and these are a great way to get marriage chat lines going.

#1. Spend enough time together. Couples who rarely spend time together are not allowing themselves enough time for creating proper communication channels. In other words, not enough is being spent together to discuss any differences that occur. One way to get around this is to have a date night or two every week.

#2. Don't ignore each other when in conversation. In other words, when your partner is speaking really listen to them and appreciate what they are saying. They may actually be telling you just what you need to know.

#3. Always ask. If your partner is silent then something is on their mind. Naturally you'll think you've done something wrong but you won't know until you ask. On many occasions, it's totally unrelated to you but don't you think it's unfair that you cop the brunt of the silent treatment. So always ask.

#4. Another key aspect to saving marriage is to get inside each others worlds. In other words, take an interest in what your partner is doing or interested in and see if you can get involved. This is ideal in creating those precious moments together.

#5. Don't be judgmental. Too many times couples are quick to judge each other or criticize one another ahead of others. This can be terribly hurtful and unless an unconditional apology is forthcoming, can leave the type of marital destruction residue which can quickly build up in a short period of time.

#6. Another strong save marriage tip is to be honest with one another about wants and needs. People who avoid conflict generally cannot be honest about what they want or need. Express your honest opinion.

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