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Carly van Heerden has obviously been predominantly inspired by the works of both Tolkien and Lewis. While some may argue that the plot of her story appears to be a spin-off from their works, it is highly likely that writers that are blessed with such talent may have access to similar worlds.

While Lucy from Lewis' book of Narnia steps in through a wardrobe and into a new world, Jody enters a darkened room only to wake up in a forest. However, Walking through doors or cupboards into new worlds is an imaginary game played by children everywhere for ages now; this concept does not belong to anyone.

Her characters and each task undertaken are original; certainly no signs of 'copy-catting' there. Every page renders a new scenario, leaving the reader with fresh images in their mind.

Each personality invokes an emotional response in the reader, making them seem real, and the outcome of the tale is entirely unexpected. It's not always about all things bright and beautiful, and while Jody may be beautiful child with honest intentions, other characters could send a quiver down any reader's spine. One can see that a great deal of consideration has been put toward the overall plot. The ending is well-written, leaving the reader wondering when they will hear from Jody again.

The style of writing is not too in depth, allowing younger readers to read through each scenario with ease. While illustrations may have been a nice addition, in truth most fantasy novels are devoid of illustrations, allowing the reader to imagine each scenario for themself.

All in all, this certainly will be a classic tale one day, and its only a matter of time before we discover that 'Jody - the book' has been converted into 'Jody - the movie'.

More about this fantasy adventure story book

This fantasy-adventure tale has been written for readers of all ages.

"From a distance a smaller beetle; a scarab, was watching him and became curious. Mantis was looking side ways and turning upside down to see how deep the cave went. The young scarab flew over to him, intrigued by what it was that Mantis was trying to look at from such a peculiar angle."

This tale features a number of notable characters; characters who make the tale as epic as it is. Set in a darkened overgrown forest, where evil has found its place, Jody - a ten year old girl must mission alongside five warriors chosen from the forest to collect the ingredients to make a potion that will rid the Dark One of the evil that lay within, and convert his 'finders' back to good.

Mermaids, insects, Shwyno lizards, orangutans, a grizzly bear and many others play their vital roles in this epic fantasy story - as bravery, light-heartedness, trust and friendship create the path for their quest.